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Through dedication

smart.heads supports companies in all industries with their duties of the recruitment and selection of specialists and management personnel from the areas of communication (corporate communications, media relations, investor relations, public relations, advertising, corporate identity, corporate design, etc.), media (publishing house, editorial staff and production), graphics industry (management personnel und specialists) as well as the Internet und e-business (e-commerce, online marketing, SEO/SEA, social media, content management, screen design, etc.).

With enthusiasm

smart.heads is a company of poth.partner which was founded in 1996 as a consulting firm for media companies. Since 2002, we have been active in the market as an executive search consulting firm. Ever since, well-known companies from quite diverse industries have been among our clients.

With success

smart.heads has distinguished itself through a results-oriented approach. We belief that we can provide our clients with added value only if we recruit in a technically-specific and holistic manner for functions which we know extremely well and can skilfully evaluate.

Focus on Core Competences 

Asking the right questions

A successful selection of highly-specialised technical personnel and management personalities requires profound knowledge of the industry and function. It is only by so doing that applicants can be professionally recruited and competently prepared for their new duties. Technical and industry-specific competence is valued by the prospective employer as well as the candidate and preferred in their own interests.

Finding the right employees

Regardless of how favourable or unfavourable the job market is right now, good people are always hard to find. As function-oriented career consultants, we maintain intensive contacts to our experts and management personnel. We know the development and the requirements of the industries we serve very well and can thus successfully and sustainably staff vacant positions.

Welche Funktionen wir besetzen, sehen Sie hier.

Going the right way

smart.heads applies the same quality search approaches for experts which are otherwise only applied for top-level management. We select the best approach for the successful staffing of your vacancy.

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Our clients

Media companies

Ringier AG, Zürich
Tamedia AG, Zürich
Neue Zürcher Zeitung / NZZmedia, Zürich
Publicitas / PubliGroupe, Zürich
Axel Springer Schweiz AG, Zürich
AZ Medien Gruppe, Aarau
Südostschweiz Medien Gruppe, Chur
SF Schweizer Fernsehen, Zürich
Neue Luzerner Zeitung AG, Luzern
Zehnder Verlagsgruppe, Wil

Communications agencies

Jung von Matt / Limmat, Zürich
DRAFTFCB / LOWE Group, Wallisellen
Wirz Corporate AG, Zürich
Maxomedia AG, Bern
Republica AG, Bern
pr access, Bern
Hotz Brand Consultants, Steinhausen
Crafft Kommunikation AG, Zürich
open up, Zürich
TBS Identity, Zürich

Diverse industries

IWC Schaffhausen / Richemont International SA, Schaffhausen
Montblanc Watches, Hamburg, Le Locle
Georg Fischer, Schaffhausen
Infront Sports & Media AG, Zug
Sidel International SA (Tetrapak), Hünenberg
Alstom, Baden
APG / Affichage Holding, Zürich
Swissgrid AG, Frick
Concordia Versicherung, Luzern
Zuger Kantonalbank, Zug
ERNI, Baar / Zürich
Sanitas, Zürich
DeLaneau Watches, Genf
Luzerner Kantonalbank, Luzern
Ernst Schweizer AG, Hedingen
Sealed Air, Mailand 

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